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Disabled 'losing out on jobs' over Access to Work cap
Disabled people are "losing out" on jobs because of a government support scheme that is "no longer fit for purpose", campaigners say. [More...]
Sean Clare, BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme, 24/10/2017

Businesses can do more to address Britain's skilled worker shortage

Sizable pools of talented workers can be found among disabled people ... Too many firms are failing to tap into them. [More...]

Fees for those bringing employment tribunal claims, including those brought by disabled people facing discrimination at work, have been ruled unlawful, and the government will now have to repay up to £32m to claimants. [More...]

'Gig economy' workers 'should get minimum wage'
The former chairman of the Low Pay Commission has said that the minimum wage should be extended to gig economy workers. [More...]

UK Workers suffer first pay squeeze since 2014
British pay growth has fallen behind inflation for the first time in two-and-a-half years, underscoring the growing Brexit squeeze facing many voters ahead of June 8 national election, official data showed on Wednesday. [More...]

Most UK employers do not plan to raise pay to match rising inflation
Most British companies do not expect to offer more generous pay deals to employees this year compared with 2016, adding to signs that higher inflation will gnaw at Britons' living standards in the months ahead, a survey showed on Thursday. [More...]

UK recruiters report strongest hiring in a year for February
British businesses are hiring permanent staff at the fastest rate in a year and starting salaries have risen by the most in 11 months, recruiters said on Wednesday, suggesting the job market remains robust even as consumer spending falters. [More...]

Medical experts who assess workers to see if they need disability benefits often don’t reach the same conclusion, according to a review of research that questions the quality of these evaluations.
Private insurers and government programs in many countries worldwide use medical experts to evaluate workers who claim that illness or injury limits their ability to work. The experts decide whether the employee’s health problems merit disability benefits designed to replace lost wages. [More...]

Britain's unemployment rate unexpectedly fell to its lowest level in 11 years in the first three months after the Brexit vote.
Official data showed on Wednesday, but there were signs that a slowdown in the labour market could be coming. [More ... ]

Britain's cost-cutting welfare reforms gravely or systematically violated the rights of disabled people, according to a United Nations inquiry published on Monday that was rejected by Britain.
The issue has caused disputes within Britain's Conservative government, prompting a leading cabinet member, Iain Duncan Smith, to resign in March, complaining that cuts to disability payments were "a compromise too far" [More .... ]


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