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Please consider helping us to upgrade our eJobs Portal

Our current eJobs Portal was developed around 15 years ago and has become very outdated and many of its original features have been disabled over security concerns.

What we would like to do is upgrade our eJobs Portal to one that has the most advanced features like advance resume search, resume alert, Applicant Tracking System, premium membership, Contact Management that results in better opportunities for you to recruit disabled employees for your Company.

At present all our eJobs Portal allows you to do is individually post advertisements and to include some basic details about your company.

These are some of the features we are hoping to add to our upgraded eJobs Portal
From your dedicated employer Job Board be able to…

Although with many new features, as with our existing eJobs Portal being to post job opportunities to disabled jobseekers will remain FREE.
However, to help us maintain our free service we are intending to add some premium features for our ‘Premier Employers’ including…

As you can see this is a very ambitious upgrade and we can’t do it without help. Like many small independently funded Charities we have been hit hard by the pandemic with our donated income, on which we rely to do the work we do in helping disabled people being reduced by some two thirds. However we feel that at this time it is even more important to help disabled people find the job of their dreams.

We are determined to achieve this and If you feel that your Company is able to help us please Contact us.

As a thankyou all companies offering to donate £100 or more will automatically be upgraded to ‘Premier Employer’ status when the new system goes live.

If you feel that you are unable to help us finance this project at the moment. Please help us by continuing to promote your vacancies FREE direct to disabled jobsekers on the Disabled Workers eJobs Portal.