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Find Handicapped-Accessible Hotels in the UK

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Find Handicapped-Accessible Hotels in the UK

According to recent statistics, the United Kingdom is home to approximately 11 million disabled individuals. In addition, many more handicapped tourists visit the UK every year. So, is it any wonder why the disability law dictates that one in 20 hotel rooms in the UK must be handicapped accessible?

To date, London offers about 1,100 wheelchair-accessible rooms, which seems too few when you consider that between 550,000 and 770,000 disabled individuals use wheelchairs in the UK. Because of that reality, as well as the expected influx of tourists for the 2012 Olympics, the London Development Agency (LDA) is said to be spending $20.6 million to improve facilities. The LDA is encouraging existing hotels and those being constructed to increase their handicapped accessibility, as well.

Know What to Ask When Booking Your Room

When traveling to the UK and requesting a handicapped accessible hotel room, you’ll need to understand what that term “handicapped accessible” actually means. At, you can find out which hotels offer the following handicapped accessibilty features. When booking your hotel, ask specific questions such as: “Are the doorways wide enough for a wheelchair? Is there a wheelchair ramp at the main entrance and at the onsite restaurant? Does the shower have grab bars? Is there a roll-in shower that will accommodate wheelchairs? Is there a shower chair available?”

Hotels offer various features for disabled individuals, including:


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