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Life Insurance for the Disabled

Trying to find the best life insurance provider can be a nightmare for anyone, but if you have any kind of disability which affects your everyday life then matters can get more complicated than ever. The first port of call for many people, when shopping around for insurance, will be an insurance search engine site, such as Confused or Money Supermarket. However, these sites rarely allow us to input enough information to make our personal circumstances completely translucent and, even if they do, it is easy for a computer to misinterpret or overlook certain crucial details that are of utmost importance to your personal circumstances. Unfortunately, the only way to make sure that you are getting the best policy is by conducting the bulk of the research yourself.

A few years ago, it was a challenge to find a single insurance broker willing to offer insurance to people with disabilities. Now, however, the market has opened itself up fully and life insurance is now available to everyone. Each insurer will have developed its own particular set of regulations to apply to their disabled customers; there is no standardised format, so it is vital to read through all the small print in order to fully understand what it is that you are signing up to, and what your policy will cover. Some insurers, such as Legal & General, will state all of their policy information clearly, not hidden away in tiny illegible clauses at the bottom of each page, on the internet. Have a look at their website for information on their life insurance policies. Other insurers may not have been so thorough and you will need to make a phone call or two in order to establish the guidelines they operate within.

Furthermore, each insurance company has its own definition of what is and is not a disability. The way in which it affects your policy will depend upon the way in which your particular disability affects your own life, which then also includes the ways in which you have chosen to deal with your disability - something which is different for everyone. The easiest course of action is to speak to an expert over the phone. Be sure that the person you are talking to is confident about the information he or she is giving and, if in doubt, ask to speak with their superior.

Whilst the internet may not be the most useful tool for finding your new insurance company, there are plenty of sites in operation offering advice about which insurers offer their disabled customers the best deals, so the World Wide Web could be a good place to get an overview of how the market works and what it may have to offer you.

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