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Is Flexible working here to stay?
Flexible working may be of particular benefit to many disabled workers who need to manage their work, home lives and disabilities...
Disabled Workers - June 2022

10 Employee Rights You Should Know
Under disability discrimination legislation it is unlawful for employers to discriminate against job seekers or employees with disabilities. The law covers all aspects of employment from recruitment through to the ending of the employment and beyond - for example giving employment references.
Manak Solicitors- April 2022

Disability incusion
Allows everyone to have equal rights in society – including the workplace. Having a job or career is a standard part of life for many people, but there can be barriers in place that make it difficult for a person with disabilities to find and retain employment. Taking an inclusive stance can increase workplace opportunities.
George Ethan, Consultant Researcher, March 2022

Home Modifications for the Visually Impaired: What are Your Options?
Visual impairments affect a range of individuals. From seniors to children, many people could benefit from specialized home modifications and adaptations. While some projects can be costly, there are also smaller adaptations that can make a big difference in safety and accessibility for little to no cost. Here are a few ideas for creating a more accessible and safer living space for yourself or a loved one with visual impairment.
(Jackie Waters - December 2016 )

Barriers To Employment For Disabled People
Goldstone, C. with Meager, N. A report identifying and examining the barriers to employment which disabled people face. The study based on the findings from over 2,000 employers examines the following issues...

The Law about employing disabled people. 
Since October 2004 it has been unlawful for any employer to discriminate against a disabled person because of their disability...

Doing the "DUTY"
An overview of the Disability Equality Duty for the public sector ...

Policy on ‘Employment of People with Disabilities’ – model document.
A Best prectice policy on the employment of people with disabilities, =
This Document maybe reprinted or adapted with the permission of the Disabled Workers Co-operative...
(Disabled Workers Co-operative)

Creating the perfect CV
Your CV is essential in helping you get that 1st interview. It will be your 1st and perhaps only chance to create a good impression. CV’s that are poorly written with lots of spelling mistakes will probably mean you wont get that interview no matter how qualified to do the job you are..

(Disabled Workers Co-operative)



Resources helping disabled people.If your organisation provides a resource that helps disabled people and feel it would benefit visitors to the Disabled Workers Co-operative eJobs Portal please contact us for details on how to have it listed here.



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